Karuna Counselling

Helping you step out of the shadows & into your life


No matter what our past experiences have been, I firmly believe that we all have the ability to live a full, meaningful life. Sometimes we just need a little help finding our way forward.

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It's possible you've already survived the toughest moments you can imagine, but are struggling to reconnect to a sense of joy, purpose or meaning in your life. Maybe you've already tried reaching out for help in the past, but it wasn't quite the right time, or the right fit. Your loved ones don't seem to understand why you're struggling, telling you you're just being "too sensitive" and need to "toughen up". Or maybe you've kept everything to yourself, pretending to be ok, but are now feeling so exhausted and overwhelmed that you don't know where to turn or what to do next. This is where I can help.

I specialize in stress reduction & trauma recovery, and in serving people with high sensitivity. I understand how stress, overwhelm and trauma can be expressed in a number of ways, including feelings of depression, anxiety, emptiness, anger, physical pain, or just not feeling like yourself anymore. Most importantly, I know there's hope for this to change and get better.

As both a Registered Social Worker and licensed naturotherapist, my approach integrates the best of both evidence-based and emerging practices that honour the interconnection between mind, body and spirit. We'll tailor our work together to best meet your needs, to help you step out of the shadows and back into the fullness of your life. ~ Yours in service, Tina